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Of all the amenities inside the RDX, two of the finest are headway and silence, which is why we equipped every RDX with a class- leading panoramic roof, to dramatically fill the cabin with comforting light and increase its sense of scope. Even the smallest details-dark exterior trim accents, a matte-black diffuser, dual exhaust outlets-add to the demeanor, all of it proudly finished with prominent A-Spec badging. The second you are wrapped by the calm, quiet, well-appointed cabin of the RDX, you realize the cabin is engineered to bid not only a premium experience in contentment, but also in focus and control. Gigantic 20-inch five-spoke Shark Gray alloy wheels give this SUV unmistakable presence in a crowd. Too aggressive? No such thing. A-Spec® takes what was already an combative design and turns it up to eleven. Fine leather, rich with its bold aroma, adorns the seats, its calm notes contrasting nicely with the active, taut lines of the cabin's natural wood or brushed aluminum trim. It's also why we triple-sealed the doors, used acoustic glass, and even engineered Active Sound Control to cancel out unwanted noise. Silence and room, added and added limited in the outside world, are plentiful in the RDX. When you enter the RDX A-Spec, comfort is found immediately in a selection of fine leathers. You can want either the exclusive red leather cabin complete with luxurious black Ultrasuede inserts or a full-black leather and Ultrasuede combination. Both leather selections are finished with precision crafted sports- oriented stitching. Confidence is furthered with an combative front bumper complete with LED fog lights.

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When you put the driver first, when you build around their desires, when you make sure every innovation is an improvement in performance, that is the spirit of Precision Crafted Performance, and that is how we create the Acura RDX. Truly marvelous design begins the journey long before the engine is turned on. Every car is designed to take you on a journey. In the RDX, even information management is a high-performance experience. Rising above the dash, in concert with the driver's natural line of sight, a 10.2-inch HD display effortlessly delivers audio and feasible navigation. Effortlessly, because it's managed by both the True Touchpad InterfaceTM and a brand-new natural-language voice- recognition system. And once the engine roars to life, Jewel Eye LED headlights and dragon tail taillights make sure both arrival and departure are mesmerizing. AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic with Traffic Rerouting pulls surface-street information, including traffic flow, incidents, and construction, and can thoughtfully reroute you for a faster commute. No added distracting robotic commands and multilevel requests to find a destination. Now, simply say the address or the name of your destination-even ask for suggestions like the leading sushi or Italian restaurant in the area-and the route will be delivered. Along the way, you'll stay connected thanks to standard Apple CarPlay integration, offering access to Siri, Apple Maps, and more, depending on your iPhone® model. One glance, and the lines of the RDX take the eye, hold it tight, and dance it across the sculpted body. Low and immense with flared fenders, the combative lines announce a focus on performance.

Camera Safety Characteristics on the 2020 Acura RDX

The Surround-View Camera System is an awesome top-down view. The system gives drivers the ability to see even more, the Surround-View Camera System provides a 360-degree display of your surroundings, allowing for precise parking in demanding situations. The 2020 Acura RDX comes with a couple awesome camera and sensor based assurance features. The Rear Cross Traffic Monitor and the Surround-View Camera Systems. The Rear Cross Traffic Monitor helps whenever you need to reverse or back-up. When reversing, the Rear Cross Traffic Monitor uses radar to detect vehicles approaching from the side and can alert the driver to their presence with an audible warning and visual alerts in the rear camera display.

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2020 Acura RDX Safety Characteristics | 2020 Acura for Sale, Acura Plano in Dallas

The interval can be maintained down to and including a full stop. After stopping, tapping either the throttle or pressing the SET or RES buttons on the steering wheel instructs the RDX to reacquire the desired interval. We can't predict, but we can make a plan. AcuraWatch offers a list of assurance and driver assistance systems that come standard in every 2020 Acura RDX. A exceptional speed setting is powered by Mult Information Display. Your speed setting is revealed on the Multi-Information Display (MID). At speeds below the set speed, ACC maintains the set interval from a car detected ahead, modulating the throttle and applying moderate braking where appropriate. You'll drive with confidence with technology like Collision Mitigation Braking Syste, Lane Keeping Assist System, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Road Departure Mitigation. Additional feasible innovations bid even added driver awareness.  Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow exceptional assurance feature. While cruising on the highway, engage the ACC and the system prompts you to select a short, medium, long or extra-long interval from a vehicle detected ahead. Once speed is set (between 25 and 90 MPH), you can raise or lessen it with the steering-wheel controls.

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To want your favorite music to play on this specifically engineered stereo system us Apple CarPlay. Apple CarPlay Integration is a smarter, way to use your iPhone in your RDX. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music, all in a way that allows you to enjoy the drive. Just connect your iPhone and drive in your style. You can opt into a marvelous sound upgrade on the new RDX. The Integrated Dynamics System, standard on all RDX trims, delivers four dynamic drive modes to match the mood you're in - Comfort, Snow, Sport and Sport+. The new RDX has a True Touchpad Interface. True Touchpad Interfac transforms the connectivity experience into something added personal and intuitive. Wherever you touch it responds by using absolute positioning. So when you tap on the upper left corner of the touchpad, the touchpad corresponds with the action precisely on the top left of the center display. The displays in the 2020 Acura RDX are personal, intuitive and user-friendly. The new RDX has a exceptional integrated dynamic system. This lets you go from the everyday to the full sport experience - all at the turn of a dial. Your car should be a place for true music appreciation. The feasible Acura/ELS Studio 3D®Premium Audio System, engineered by Grammy Award-winning recording producer Elliot Scheiner, brings your favorite songs to life.

Help Staying in Your Lane | Safety aspect from Acura | Available on the 2020 RDX

If you cross a detected lane marker without using the turn signal, a message appears in the MID and a beep sounds continuously. With the Lane Departure Warning System there is a camera mounted between the windshield and the rearview mirror that determines if your vehicle begins to move away out of a detected lane. Forward Collision Warning System warns you if the system determines there is likelihood of a frontal collision when a vehicle is detected in front of you. If you do not brake in time or take preventive action, a visual warning flashes on the Multi-Information Display, and an audible beep sounds continuously.

RDX Integrated Dynamic System modes | When to use which modes on IDS | Learn about the 2020 Acura RDX

The four drive modes on the 2020 Acura are Comfort mode, Snow mode, Sport mode, Sport+ mode. Get ready for your heart to race and your pulse to quicken. Sport+ adds much added combative shifts, increased steering response, and puts your paddle shifters in full manual mode. This is the ideal setting for performance and perfect for those times when you want to escape. When you want to relax or you're in the mood for a slight pampering select Comfort mode. You'll get an improved ride that makes it easier to cruise around the city or on the highway. This is the perfect balance between comfort and performance, and you just might find that your drive home is one of the most peaceful parts of your day. When you want to relax or you're in the mood for a slight pampering select Comfort mode. You'll get an improved ride that makes it easier to cruise around the city or on the highway. This is the perfect balance between comfort and performance, and you just might find that your drive home is one of the most peaceful parts of your day. Now it gets fun. When you want to turn up the excitement, Sport mode adds added excitement with a heightened throttle response and a added pronounced engine note. Don't let the satisfying looks of the RDX fool you, under the hood is plenty of power. Just because the route home is routine doesn't mean the driving experience has to be.

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Your Acura RDX maintenance plays a vital role in long-term performance of your vehicle. Trusting a well-equipped and factory-trained service center like the one at David McDavid Acura in Plano is a smart choice to keep your Acura running like new. From your common service like oil changes and alignments, to added extensive repair work, you can trust our team to get your vehicle up and running quickly. Our technicians have been certified to repair your vehicle up to brand standards using only high quality OEM parts. In order to bid you the leading price, we are always updating our service offers to make your maintenance added affordable. Use our comfortable online scheduler to make an appointment at our service center today and experience the difference at David McDavid Acura in Plano!